Allow Life Force to fill you up

Experience what it means to be lit up every day

  • Have the vitality and power to create what you really desire

  • Keep your energy high during the day

  • Remove the biggest blocks which are holding you back

  • Activate your self healing powers

  • Step into sovereignty for your wellbeing

  • Use the power of your heart to lead the way

  • Allow flow, grace, ease and abundance into your daily life

  • Reclaim your power

Not just another toolkit

This course is a roadmap for transformation.

It is designed to support you fully in retraining your whole energetic system (which includes the body) to live in a state of high energy, vitality, flow and joy.

Of course I do share my personal story and provide you with the know how and the tools wich helped me most to transform my life into health, joy and vitality.

But most of all, I am helping you shift your consciousness, access your own inner power, release what is holding you back and be the change you wish to see. 

I am leading you through a clear step by step process that you can follow and flexibly adapt to your schedule. 

I do not want this to be just another toolkit in your library. 

My intention is to empower you to transform your life.

Commit to a vibrant you and allow pure source to fill you up daily

What's included

  • A full 3 week process to support you into being the change - for you to use continually in your life

  • 3 recorded live call meditations

  • 12 videos with powerful support, transmissions and teaching

  • downloadable meditations for you to keep

  • Exercises for you to support you through your journey

  • Personal online support in our private Facebook group, where your questions will be answered and with inspirational content for your journey

"I joined last night. I love what I've watched and received so far!!! Great offering. I awoke lighter, more grateful, and more hopeful. Thank you, for such a generous offer!"

Course curriculum

  • 2

    The Initiation - week one

    • Intentions

    • Laying the foundation - your consciousness is key

    • Morning - your Launch into Flow

    • Kids as a role model for our journey

    • Support for the physical body

    • Your choice and journal prompt

    • Keeping your energy high

  • 3

    Ressources and how to apply - week one

    • How to apply what you have learnt

    • Morning practice: Heart Opening and Gratitude Meditation

    • Daily short Heart Meditation with Light Language

  • 4

    Adventure - week two

    • Loving what is

    • Guided meditation - letting go of resistance and loving what is

    • Presence and Life Force

    • Sovereignty - calling your power back

  • 5

    Putting into practice - week 2

    • How to apply what you have learnt, week two

    • Breath of calm meditation

  • 6

    Continuing your journey - week 3

    • Powerful Initiation for your ongoing journey

    • Powerful invocation and integration

    • Process week 3

  • 7

    Live Call recordings

    • How to prepare for all calls

    • After the calls

    • Releasing the blocks to healing - Live call recording form June 9th, 2020

    • Teaching: Grounding in your body and Mother Earth - live call recording June 16 2020

    • Transmission meditation: Grounding in your body and Mother Earth

    • Crystalline Heart opening meditation and closing ceremony - recording live call from June 30th, 2020

  • 8

    More resources for you

    • Additional resources for you

Meet your instructor

Activator of higher potential and purposeful expression

Natasa Stojanovic

Natasa is a gifted energy healer, intuitive guide, Ocean Light Language channel and down to earth coach.

She helps healers, coaches, wayshowers and New Earth leaders to activate their highest potential and purposeful expression and embody their true essence, by healing what is holding them back and stepping into their innate power, so they can embrace all of who they are and live their heart's dreams and highest purpose from vibrancy, freedom, grace and grounded presence.

Apart from her multidimensional and healing gifts, Natasa is highly trained and experienced in various modalities of Energy Psychology (mind body healing), coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and Experiential Learning. She sees herself as a bridge between worlds of consciousness, and loves connecting scientific understanding with a grounded spirituality from an open heart of love.

As a conscious mother of a gifted and awake boy, she loves sharing additional insights on navigating your awakening when you do not have all the time in the world to sit and meditate.

Natasa has a very deep connection with the Oceans and Mother Earth, and her mission is to support humanity in awakening and co-creating New Earth.

Reclaim your energy

Return to your divine blueprint of feeling vibrant and alive!